Prince Hall Center For The Performing Arts @ The Historic Masonic Temple
In it's heyday, the U. Street Corridor was a primarily African American cultural center known affectionately as “Black Broadway.” This section of northwest Washington DC had a spirit often associated with the Harlem Renaissance with nightclubs attracting musicians such as Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Lionel Hampton, Sarah Vaughn, Bessie Smith, Moms Mabley and Billy Eckstein. In the 1920’s, The Prince Hall Free & Accepted Masons District of Columbia Jurisdiction, built its seven story building at 1000 U. St. NW with construction commencing in 1922. The buildings primary use at that time was for meetings of its members both Prince Hall Masons & Eastern Star. It also housed the down town office for UPO, a duck pin bowling alley for the community, and one of two ball room that African American’s could rent for meetings and social affairs on U Street. What made the Masonic Ball Room so different then, was that some of the top musicians that played in this room were Masons themselves i.e. Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton and W.C. Handy. The Masonic Temple one of the few building on U Street to never close its doors during the economic decline of the neighborhood following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 1960’s. It always has been place for the African American youth, community leaders, politicians, and city activist to gather for debate. In the 1970’s The Masonic Temple again was the culture cornerstone for a new genera of music called Go-Go which the Legendary Chuck Brown –The Godfather of Go-Go made famous playing weekly for 20 years at the Historic Masonic Ball Room. In the 1990’s thanks to a revitalization project started by former Mayor Marion S. Barry and the location of The Civil War Memorial Museum inside the Masonic Temple by Frank Smith former City Councilman, 10th & U Street has come alive. The Historic Masonic Temple was given a face lift when CVS open its doors in the building and the newly renovated Ball Room has been renamed The Prince Hall Center for the Performing Arts. The building is now managed by The Prince Hall Freemason and Eastern Star Charitable Foundation, a non-profit organization with the purpose of giving back to the community. With the amenities of a metro stop, the Civil War Memorial, bars, nightclubs, hair solons, restaurants, art galleries, and diverse neighbors- 10th & U. Street is ready for next nostalgia at The Historic Masonic Temple.
The Historic Masonic Temple
1000 U. Street Washington, DC 20001

The Newly Renovated Prince Hall Center For The Performing Arts
At The Historic Masonic Temple

We are now taking bookings for social affairs, weddings, businesss meetings, corporate functions, civic gatherings, benefit concerts, music recitals, and excercise/fitness classes.

Discount prices are available for non-profit groups & organizations.

The newly remodeled center seats 500 patrons, has a stage for concerts/performances, feature's a full services kitchen and upscale bar.

The Ballroom
For more information, contact the The Prince Hall Freemason and Eastern Star Charitable Foundation, Administration office at
(202) 667-5221 ask for
Mr. Buck Marshall (Ballroom Manager)